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EPC Medikal

EPC Medikal

We have been serving in the regions of Izmir and Istanbul in the therapeutic apheresis group since 2019. For 17 years, we are carrying out sales and application activities in the cardiovascular surgery and neurology interventional group.

For the treatment of various symptoms after a corona infection, the intake of all medicines (with or without prescription), as well as other treatment methods, have been ineffective. Doctors from countries such as Germany, Switzerland and America did not only found out that the treatment methods did not work - also that the symptoms developed into a serious chronic disease. This disease is known as Long-Covid.

Thanks to the innovative idea of a German doctor for using apheresis treatments on patients suffering from Long-Covid, the first successes were achieved in Germany. Patients from all over the world are added to the waiting list on a daily basis. The number of waiting patients is in the four-digit range. Therefore, we have decided to create a treatment center for patients abroad and to place our location at their service. We will continue to serve with all our efforts for apheresis procedures that can be performed for Long-Covid and other disease groups.

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